Madrid Encore!


It’s been six years since Alfred and I walked the Camino Mozárabe. I’m back for a shorter visit with Rebecca.

Plaza Mayor
Near our AirBNB (photo credit – Rebecca)
Living wall
El Retiro park
Catedral Almudena
Catedral Almudena
Near the Palacio Real
Palacio Real courtyard

North Cascades High Bridge Hike


July 3rd we drove to the Rainy Pass trailhead and started the 19 mile hike at 2:30. We got to the High Bridge camp at 9:30 and slept very well!

July 4th we packed up and took the shuttle bus into Stehekin.

While there we visited the old apple orchard and Rainbow Falls.

At the end of the day we caught the shuttle back to High Bridge to sleep under the full moon and rest for the hike back out the next day.

Dickey River Kayak Trip

There’s a place to put in about 1/4 mile from Rialto Beach. Trip was about 4 hours but just a few miles due to snags and portaging.
Here’s the put in place.
Flow is tidal and seaweed and shells can be found a ways upstream.
River otter tracks
Ready to portage!
View towards river mouth and open ocean.

Snohomish River Delta – part one

First step after choosing the route is to check the tides and winds.
Ready to go from the Everett Public Marina.
Old logs from more active timber days.
Train and car bridges that will open for boats.
There were many Osprey nests on the old pilings.
Lunch on Ferry Baker island.
While eating a family of otters came up on the beach then dashed off in surprise at our presence.
Seals were sunning on logs.
A quick visit to Jetty Island just opposite the marina. A big wind came up and the paddle back was a push even with the tidal help.
A stranded boat on the far side of the island. The boat was empty but two muddy shirts flapped in the stiff breeze.
Here’s our route. Next trip we’ll start from Langus Riverfront Park and head towards Spencer Island.

AZ/NM Spring Break 2022!

On the light rail heading to the airport.
Visit to Tombstone after touring Kartchner Caverns
Copper Queen mine tour
In the mine with our guide; a retired teacher.
White Sands National Park
Three Rivers petroglyphs
It was very windy most of the trip.
Visited this site with Rhonda!
We stayed with Rhonda, my longest friend and Rachel, a good friend from Peace Corps, but otherwise were in motels.
So many beautiful rocks! I only took pictures and resisted the urge to take any, barely.
Helen’s picture of Sedona. She and and a friend visited a few days before us.