Dickey River Kayak Trip

There’s a place to put in about 1/4 mile from Rialto Beach. Trip was about 4 hours but just a few miles due to snags and portaging.
Here’s the put in place.
Flow is tidal and seaweed and shells can be found a ways upstream.
River otter tracks
Ready to portage!
View towards river mouth and open ocean.

Snohomish River Delta – part one

First step after choosing the route is to check the tides and winds.
Ready to go from the Everett Public Marina.
Old logs from more active timber days.
Train and car bridges that will open for boats.
There were many Osprey nests on the old pilings.
Lunch on Ferry Baker island.
While eating a family of otters came up on the beach then dashed off in surprise at our presence.
Seals were sunning on logs.
A quick visit to Jetty Island just opposite the marina. A big wind came up and the paddle back was a push even with the tidal help.
A stranded boat on the far side of the island. The boat was empty but two muddy shirts flapped in the stiff breeze.
Here’s our route. Next trip we’ll start from Langus Riverfront Park and head towards Spencer Island.

AZ/NM Spring Break 2022!

On the light rail heading to the airport.
Visit to Tombstone after touring Kartchner Caverns
Copper Queen mine tour
In the mine with our guide; a retired teacher.
White Sands National Park
Three Rivers petroglyphs
It was very windy most of the trip.
Visited this site with Rhonda!
We stayed with Rhonda, my longest friend and Rachel, a good friend from Peace Corps, but otherwise were in motels.
So many beautiful rocks! I only took pictures and resisted the urge to take any, barely.
Helen’s picture of Sedona. She and and a friend visited a few days before us.

Alder Lake Camping and Mt Rainier Hike


Over Memorial Day weekend we camped at Alder Lake, one of Tacoma Power’s three campgrounds, and did some hikes around Rainier.

The park was really busy so we went in by Longmire then got up early and walked the Westside road.

The road was originally built in 1926 but never finished. It’s great for biking and walking.

Nisqually River
Rushing snow melt.
Calypso Orchid
Prius camping
A fresh cougar track
Our destination was Gobbler’s Knob but the snow was still deep so we just went in a little way.
A rustic bike rack.
Fitting that we found the Marine Memorial on Memorial Day. 32 marines died in a 1946 plane crash into the mountainside.
Waterfalls of snow melt.

Ballard Locks Kayak Trip!


I’ve always wanted to try going through the locks from fresh to salt water. There is something about walking out the front door and paddling to the sea that still seems impossible to this Arizona girl. But possible it is! This trip I went there and back but next time would like to camp and explore the beach more before returning.

Trip started at the rowing center heading north towards Mt Baker Beach.
A heron at the Arboretum.
Through the Montlake Cut!
Gasworks park
Seaplane taking off from Lake Union.
Some of the many houseboats on the lake.
The locks filling with water. A strange sensation to rise up.
Into the ocean! Sea lions and Ray’s restaurant were waiting.
On the way home saw this from one of the crew teams painted on the Montlake Cut.

A Wedding in Iowa


Stepping out of the car in Coon Rapids, Iowa the enveloping warm humid air, smell of manure, sound of birds and deep green rolling hills took me back forty years to detasseling corn, bean roguing and cattle AI-ing.

“Iowa is a faded photograph” said my cousin. Here are some vibrant ones to show the beauty of this place.

Airport greeting
Climate change is resulting in pounding rains.

The family pooled their land to form White Rock Conservancy. This preserves a beautiful stretch of the Raccoon River, prairie and classic farm houses. You can float the river, camp and walk the miles of trails.

You can stay at River House.
A dance barn nearby.
Trails by the river.
Garst farm house
Info on Whiterock
Oak trees
Fireworks at the wedding.
A mason bee palace.
Good soil from a rye cover crop and a no-till approach. This helps prevent soil loss, increases nutrients and withstands heavy rain without crop loss.
Hi tech farm equipment enables precision planting to maximize yields.
Happy worms growing in hay and apple cider mash.