Walks Toward Seward Park

Seattle, United States, Washington State

Walking before dawn is like opening a geode; you never know whether the sky will burst into glowing color or a steel grey sky will simply slowly change to a lighter hue.

Time permitting, my favorite thing to do is head east along the Lake Washington path towards Seward Park and catch the sun rising over Mt. Rainier and a glowing lake.

Here are some morning walk photos.

Lights cut through the mist next to the lake.

Rowers near the Mt. Baker boating center.

This tree is now gone but graced the curve for years.

Sunrise on a foggy morning.

Walking the inner old-growth path.

Near the marina.

Glowing lake on the morning of the winter solstice.

A rare snowy morning.

Sun through the mist on a fall morning walking the loop around Seward.

A crow against the rising sun.

Receding trees

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