Day Seven – Rolling Hills and a Glorious Cathedral 

Route of the Caliphate, Spain

Subbeticas to Fuente de Viñuela – 19 miles
Even though sunrise isn’t until 8:20 we still got an early start. We had lunch in Priego del Cordoba and visited the incredible cathedral there.

Olive harvest is in full swing. The sound of tree shakers and pruning shears fills the air.

Each area we’ve passed through has a special sweet. This one was delicious with almonds, butter and sweet wine.

Historic square in Priego del Córdoba. There is a castle under reconstruction to the left and a church in the background.

Here’s the marvelous inside of the main cathedral.

View from “La Balcón”.

A friendly burro alongside the road after Priego.

Couldn’t resist taking a picture of this incredibly old tree; still producing too.

Sunset with the evening star in the upper left corner. Time for bed!

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