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  1. Hello! I am a friend of Irene Willey. She and Stan were just here visiting on their way back from Arizona and she showed me your pics of Spain. I am so impressed. Love your composition and talent in capturing color and form contrasts. I would appreciate it if you would include me in your blog so I can enjoy more photos of Spain. Irene also mentioned your outstanding Mali photos. If possible, when you return from Spain, could you forward those as well? Interestingly, I’ve always been fascinated by the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route but I’d never heard of the Route of the Caliphate. I’ve been a fan of Spain since 1970 and visited in 1986. My husband and I sailed to Mexico at the same time as Stan and Irene in 1994-5 and we moved to Mazatlan in 1999. We returned to the States in 2011 but have always had a fondness for all things Spanish or Spanish influenced. I thank you in advance if you are willing to include me on your blog list.

    1. Thank you very much! We did the Route of the Caliphate/Camino Mozarabe and loved the whole route.
      Probably the best way to follow is to sign up for an email notice at the bottom of the blog. You’ll get a notice when something new is posted.
      Happy to talk about Mali and would love to hear of your adventures.
      Look forward to connecting in the future.

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