The Ruta Continues – Day Six Wind Turbines and an Amazing Albergue 

Camino Mozarabe, Spain

Hueneja to Abla – 15 miles

Saying goodbye to the other pilgrims we continued towards Alba. Much of this day the path was in a river bed with wind turbines in the foothills.

Albergue in Huanaje

We also followed the old Royal Road linking Almeria with Granada. 

Calle Real

Wind turbines

Changing landscape but still have olive trees!

We had lunch in Finana and a wedding was going on.

Each town has fountains with usually potable water.

Toasted bread with tomato, olive oil and cheese

Camino Mozarabe stone marking Granada and Almeria border.

We arrived near nightfall in Alba with a darkening sky and threatening rain we tried to get the key for the albergue only to learn all was closed for Sunday. As a last try I called the president of the Almeria Jacobean Association and she and her husband drove over to let us in. The albergue is new and beautifully decorated with local photos; there’s even a washer and dryer!

Church in Abla

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