Camino de la Plata – Day Four, a Sacred Summit and Santiago 

Spain, Via de la Plata

Ponte de Ulla, Pico Sacro, Santiago – 17 miles, 2-26-17

Today we followed the Camino shells to the destination of Santiago de Compostela. 

Alfred walked ahead at a brisk pace and I strolled along until I got to a sign for the “Pico Sacro” or Sacred Peak. It was rainy and foggy; perfect weather for a holy place. I followed the sign then lost my way. I saw a couple walking down the gravel road and asked for directions. They were out for a walk and offered to take me there. The man was from the area and we had a great walk to the top despite the wind. (Once again I was struck by how kind people are and how able to discuss a wide variety of topics in a lot of depth.)

Camino shell

I am sheep.

Pico Sacro

Camelias in bloom

Traditional soup with collards, potatoes and pork, (Caldo Gallego)

Walled Camino Real

Spring Primroses

Mist and rain

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