Tormes River Walk



No class today so time to explore! I get lost easily but following a river is usually a safe bet. The French have a great word to describe mindless wandering, “flâner“; without doubt one of my favorite things to do.

The River Tormes runs through Salamanca and is filled with history, islands and wildlife. Come with me for a stroll.

Walked through the Plaza Mayor.

Waited for the little man to turn green, (he runs faster when light is about to change).

Passed trees in bloom.

Strolled through Huerto de Calixta y Melibea.

Saw street cleaner sucking up debris.

Admired street art.

Crossed Puente de Enrique Estevan.

Walked a path.

Quacked with the ducks.

Gazed at river.

Lunch at El Parque!

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