A Visit to Italy



Visit with Anna and Claudio. Urbino is in the background.
Urbino church paintings.
San Vitale, Ravenna
Garibaldi biking in Ravenna.
Latin palindrome graffiti.
Madonna and child
Prayer wheels in Pennabilli honoring a visit from the Dalai Lama.
Theodric, King of the Ostrogoths, enjoys biking in Ravenna.
Pennabilli countryside, the backdrop to the Mona Lisa painting.
Dante’s tomb
Urbino church painting.
Ornate door in Urbino.
Floor mosaic Ravenna.
Mosaics in Ravenna.
Sweet salt from Cervian seawater pans. This salt is reputed to have medicinal properties.
Historic salt storage building in Cervia.
Seafood pasta

Emilia-Romagna countryside
Beach at Cervia.
A Tonino Guerra poem; the first time he recognized being happy after release from a German internment camp was when he saw a butterfly and didn’t want to eat it.

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