A Wedding in Iowa


Stepping out of the car in Coon Rapids, Iowa the enveloping warm humid air, smell of manure, sound of birds and deep green rolling hills took me back forty years to detasseling corn, bean roguing and cattle AI-ing.

“Iowa is a faded photograph” said my cousin. Here are some vibrant ones to show the beauty of this place.

Airport greeting
Climate change is resulting in pounding rains.

The family pooled their land to form White Rock Conservancy. This preserves a beautiful stretch of the Raccoon River, prairie and classic farm houses. You can float the river, camp and walk the miles of trails.

You can stay at River House.
A dance barn nearby.
Trails by the river.
Garst farm house
Info on Whiterock
Oak trees
Fireworks at the wedding.
A mason bee palace.
Good soil from a rye cover crop and a no-till approach. This helps prevent soil loss, increases nutrients and withstands heavy rain without crop loss.
Hi tech farm equipment enables precision planting to maximize yields.
Happy worms growing in hay and apple cider mash.

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