Alder Lake Camping and Mt Rainier Hike


Over Memorial Day weekend we camped at Alder Lake, one of Tacoma Power’s three campgrounds, and did some hikes around Rainier.

The park was really busy so we went in by Longmire then got up early and walked the Westside road.

The road was originally built in 1926 but never finished. It’s great for biking and walking.

Nisqually River
Rushing snow melt.
Calypso Orchid
Prius camping
A fresh cougar track
Our destination was Gobbler’s Knob but the snow was still deep so we just went in a little way.
A rustic bike rack.
Fitting that we found the Marine Memorial on Memorial Day. 32 marines died in a 1946 plane crash into the mountainside.
Waterfalls of snow melt.

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