Córdoba Day Two


Today we visited several archeological sites, the Calahorra Tower and the Alcazar.

There are so many layers of civilizations; Roman, Visigothic (Germanic tribes invading then converting to early Christianity), Arabic and the Berber Muslim Caliphate, Jews then Christians and now modern Cordoba.

At one point Cordoba was the largest, most educated city in Western Europe. The huge population was possible with agriculture using the mechanical lifting of water from the river. This technology, along with astronomy, medicine and much more, was brought by Muslims.

Roman then Muslim bath archeological site.

Roman era sculptures in the Archeology Museum.

Roman head of Medusa in the Alcazar.

Alcazar gardens

Lemon tree in the gardens.

Three Christian kings

City view from the Alcazar tower.

City view from the Calahorra Tower.

Historic mill

View from our rooftop.

City street

Recipe for a famous Córdoban dish.

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