Ruta Day One – Cordoba to the Roman Ruins of Ategua 

Route of the Caliphate, Spain

Cordoba to Ategua – 16 miles

    Leaving Cordoba we crossed the Guadalquivir River by walking across the fortified Roman Bridge.

    Walking across the Roman bridge to start the day.

    Walking up into the hills from Cordoba.

    We soon left the paved road and walked along this gravel route. There were very few cars.

    The route is well marked.

    Iris bloomed at the top of the hills.

    The road narrowed and we passed fields of winter wheat.

    As the sun descended we passed gnarled olive trees covered with fruit ready for harvest.

    An interpretive sign showed we were nearly there.


    We arrived it just as the sun set.

    The site was closed unless you called ahead to make arrangements for a visit but we did see some of the remains from below.

    We camped nearby in an olive grove and watched stars the Romans saw. I dreamt of ring wraiths and history.

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