Day Nine – Walking by Moonlight

Route of the Caliphate, Spain

Alcalá la Real to Moclin – 19 miles

Today we thought we’d do a quick visit to the Fortaleza then head on to Moclin. 

We started with the main museum in town and toured the rooms with artifacts from Neolithic to medieval times.

Some of the many interesting finds.


The Fortaleza and church are well worth a visit; blending original and reconstructed works with a wide array of presentation techniques to teach the visitor what life was like living in a town on the Christian – Muslim frontier.

Walking up the hill.

Through the first gate.

View from the tower.

A copy of a trebuchet used by Catholic attackers to defeat Muslim defenders after 9 months of siege in early 1300’s.

Inside of cathedral destroyed by Napoleon’s army during Peninsular War (per video shown in church).

We left Alcala at 3:30 and started the walk to Moclin through lowland farm country.

Asparagus fields

Climbing up towards Moclin.

Storm clouds gathered as the steep climb began. Dark settled in and we followed the white roads by the light of the moon.

A loop trail visiting caves and fountains just below Moclin.

Information on Moclin. As we entered the town fog settled in; restaurants were closed and we found no hotels.

We settled in for the night at the church; someone shined a light on Alfred but otherwise we slept through until morning.

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      It’s always best to ask permission first. So far it’s worked out well. We’re also careful to make sure we pack out any trash and leave everything as we found it.

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