Ruta Day Four and Five – Baena to Zuheros

Route of the Caliphate, Spain

Baena to Zuheros – 8 miles

Today’s walk was short with glorious scenery! Zuheros is in the Subbeticas Nature Preserve and it’s well worth the visit.

We stayed a second night in Zuheros and went to a bat cave. Photos forbidden so no record but a good hike and great guide.

Leaving Baena

Down into the valley from town.


This day we followed the Marbella River.

Olive groves

I was amazed to see trees in full bloom.

Almost to Zuheros.


Castle at Zuheros.

We stayed an extra day in Zuheros and visited the bat caves. We just saw two bats but as our guide said “it’s not a zoo and the bats don’t have a schedule”.

Entrance to the cave.

Just inside, no photos allowed beyond this point. We went on to see cave paintings, burial sites and incredible cave formations.

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